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Pink River Dolphins - National Geographic…eo/dolphin-pink-river
Up to 9 feet (2.7 meters) long and 300 pounds (136.1 kilograms), Pink River Dolphins are the largest freshwater dolphins in the world.
Pink Dolphin - YouTube
Mar 5, 2009 ... The Pictures arn't fake. ... Pink Dolphin ... there's a professional photo taken of it, where it looks a deeper more vivid pink, and it looks stunning.
Pink Dolphins - a gallery on Flickr…spicks/galleries/72157623723337997/
Pink dolphins are a rare breed of freshwater dolphins that make their home in .... remember these pictures and do what you can to help these Dolphins Thrive. Pink Dolphin
Howdy folks! These are some really neat pictures! We have had a few phone calls reporting this pink dolphin near the Cameron Ferry. Finally, someone got a ...
Pink Amazon River Dolphin | Animal Pictures and Facts |…als/pink-amazon-river-dolphin.html
The pink river dolphin is usually found in the tributaries and main river flow of the Orinoco and the Amazon in South America. The reason for the characteristically ...

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Here's looking at chew flipper: Rare bubblegum PINK river dolphin ...…lphin-makes-splash-Amazon.html
Jun 25, 2013 ... These incredible images show an extremely rare pink dolphin as it leaps out of an Amazonian river.
Pink Dolphin - Pictures of Rare Pink Dolphin - Urban Legends
Authentic pink dolphin photos: emailed pictures of an extremely rare albino dolphin with red eyes and pink skin taken on Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana.
Pink Amazon River Dolphin - Dolphin Facts and Information
There are five species of dolphins that make their homes in rivers, being the most popular of them the Pink Dolphins also known as Boto, Boutu or Amazon River ...
Rare pink dolphin sighted in Louisiana-Truth! - Truth or Fiction
A forwarded email with pictures of what the message says is a rare pink dolphin. ... There is a species of what is called "pink dolphin" that lives in South America ...
Pink Dolphin on Pinterest
Discover Pins about pink dolphin on Pinterest. See more about beluga whale, baby dolphins and amazon wildlife.

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Pink slime mixed with ground beef certainly doesn't make for the most appetizing mental picture. But is it really as bad as it sounds? How frightened should we be?
Whales and dolphins are of the same species, and both use echolocation or sonar to create sound pictures of their surroundings underwater. Learn more about echolocation on Discovery…
Dolphin is a toothed whale that is related to the porpoise. The dolphin has a long, streamlined body; some species have a prominent beaklike snout.

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Rare Pink Dolphin Discovered
Wow. Take a look at this. A rare Pink Dolphin has been discovered. No joke.
Untamed Americas - Pink River Dolphins
Untamed Americas : STARTS SUN JUN 10 at 9P et/pt : The Pink River Dolphins of the Amazon use sonar to locate t...
Weird Nature: Pink Dolphins?
Up to 9 feet long and weighing up to 300 pounds, pink river dolphins are the largest freshwater dolphins in the world.