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Manatees, Manatee Pictures, Manatee Facts - National ...…als/mammals/manatee
Manatees are sometimes called sea cows, and their languid pace lends merit to the comparison. However, despite their massive bulk, they are graceful swimmers in ...
Sea Cow Facts | eHow
Sea Cow Facts. Manatees are often referred to as sea cows, according to the Manatee Education and Observation Center. The scientific name for the sea cow is ...
Steller's sea cow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia's_sea_cow
The Steller's sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) is an extinct herbivorous marine mammal. It was the largest member of the order Sirenia, which includes its closest living ...
Facts About Sea Animals
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Sea Cow Archives - Animal Facts For Kids | Wild Facts
Sea Cow Archive. Wild Fact #703 – The Gentle Giant – Manatee. 5 years ago Mammals, Original Wild Facts. ... Animal Facts For Kids | Wild Facts Copyright © 2016. ...
Steller's sea cow pictures and facts - Facts about mammals…s/Sirenia/Dugongidae...
Steller's Sea Cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) is an extinct mammal from the order Sirenia in the animal kingdom, which also includes the manatee and dugong.
Manatees: Facts About Sea Cows -
The manatee is a large marine mammal with an egg-shaped head, flippers and a flat tail. Manatees are also known as sea cows. This name is apt, due to their ...
Manatee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Manatees (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows. There are three accepted ...
Stellers Sea Cow (Hydrodamalis Gigas) - Animals - A-Z ...
The Steller's sea cow was a large marine mammal that was found in abundance in the North Pacific. These enormous animals were closely related to the dugong and the ...
sea cow | extinct mammal |
Sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas), also called Steller’s sea cow, very large aquatic mammal, now extinct, that once inhabited nearshore areas of the Komandor Islands in ...
Hydrodamalis gigas (Steller's sea cow) - Animal Diversity Web
Read about Hydrodamalis gigas (Steller's sea cow) on the Animal Diversity Web.

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10 Fascinating Facts About The Cows Of The Sea,
The sirenians are a group of mammals comprised of dugongs and manatees, including the extinct Steller’s sea cow. Generally, they are slow-moving, aquatic herbivores that don’t seem to do… Read More
Brink of Extinction: A Technological Approach to Saving the Last Vaquita…
National Geographic Society,
Vaquita marina, whose name loosely translates to “little cow of the sea,” is a member of the porpoise family ... and come within feet of a “small” whale shark in La Paz while learning shark… Read More
Interesting Facts about Manatees (Sea Cows)
Manatees are docile and friendly sea mammals. Curious by nature, they keep interacting with humans regularly. Although called sea cows, they are actually related to elephants. This Buzzle… Read More
Manatee: 5 Fun Facts About This Large and Slow-Moving Sea Cow,
A gentle sea cow known as the manatee has recently been making some buzz after it was seen swimming north and just kept going. According to ABC 2, the large and slow-moving marine mammal was… Read More

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10 fascinating Facts about the Cows of the Sea || Pastimers
The sirenians are a group of mammals comprised of dugongs and manatees, including the extinct Steller’s sea cow. Generally, they are slow-moving, aquatic her...
Manatee - The Gentle Giant
Manatees swimming in the tranquil freshwater springs of Florida. Learn about these wonderful creatures by observing them swimming and relaxing. See a mother ...
True Facts About The Sea Pig
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