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Q: What is Metasearch?

A: Metasearch technology takes results from the leading search engines (Yahoo Search!, Google), eliminates the duplicates and delivers you the most comprehensive set of results. You benefit by obtaining a quicker, more accurate set of results to your query.

Metasearch covers more of the Web - Using more search engines means a better overall coverage of the Web. Does it sound too obvious? In fact, an independent search engine expert has agreed, stating that our metasearch technology can search 50% more of the Web than any single search engine.*

Metasearch is easy to use - Better results and more coverage of the Web is great - but not if you need an advanced degree to make it work. Hunter metasearch is easy. All you do is enter your search and click 'Search'. The great results will take care of themselves!

Search more engines, get the best results from more of the Web and do it all easily. That's what metasearch is all about!

*Disclaimer: Greg Notess, an independent search engine expert, verified our methodology and validated that our metasearch technology can retrieve 50% or more additional results.

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Q: What is the Preferences section?

A: The Preferences section allows you to customize your search based on your preferences. These settings remain in place until you change them.

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Q: How do I search within results or refine my search?

A: The metasearch technology gives you the opportunity to search within results for greater accuracy. When you enter a search, metasearch technology automatically organizes results into categories based on words and phrases contained in the results.

For example, if you searched the term "insurance", metasearch technology would sort the results into various insurance categories (Home, Auto, Fire, Health, etc.) under the “Refine Your Results” heading on the left side of the results page. You can view the results for that specific category by clicking the featured category links.

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Q: How do I filter out Adult Content from my searches?

A: Adult content can be filtered from your search results, by changing your preference settings. To do so:

  1. Visit the Preferences page
  2. Select the level of filtering you want (Heavy, Moderate, None) from the list in the Search Filter section and click Save Settings. Heavy Filter will filter out as much adult content as possible.

Once you have set the filter to Heavy, it will remain on Heavy until you change your settings. Results for filtered searches are only provided by partners who provide filtered results.

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Q: How can I improve my search accuracy when looking for images, video, or news results?

A: You can search for these specific categories of results by clicking on the corresponding links at the top of the search page. You can also refine your search within each category by using the Advanced Search option. For example, when searching for an image, you can filter for specific image color, size, or file format. Video searches can be filtered for playtime or file format. And news searches can be filtered by news category, location, date or source.

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Recent Searches Questions

Q: What does the Recent Searches feature do?

A: The Recent Searches area allows you to view your previous search terms and then click to retrieve past results quickly without having to re-enter in your search terms into the search box. Just click any link in your Recent Searches area to see the results for your last ten searches.

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Q: Can anyone else access my Recent Searches information?

A: While you have your browser open anyone you let use your profile on your computer can see this information. The information for these searches is stored for a limited period of time while you have your browser open. Once you close your browser, your recent searches list will be cleared.

Your Recent Searches information is not visible to other computers or other profiles on your computer. Please note that no personal information is saved or shared at any time. For more information on how we handle any personal information please read the complete InfoSpace privacy policy.

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Q: Can I change the number of keywords stored in my Recent Searches area?

A: No, the number of keywords is consistently set at this time.

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Q: Can I turn off the Recent Searches feature?

A: Yes. Go to your preferences page and select the "Recent Searches Off" option in the Recent Searches area.

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